Annabel Joy Wyndham

Our soul’s deepest knowing and desire is to be Creator’s love and light.
— Annabel Joy Wyndham

Annabel Joy Wyndham is an internationally recognized Interfaith Ordained Minister, Spiritual Author,
Master Teacher, and Divine Healer. Through her work, she shares channeled messages and sacred
methodologies of the heavenly code; receiving, translating, and materializing the matrix here
                                    on Earth; to activate, transform, and expand the soul’s truth for trans-personal development,                                        healing, higher consciousness, and empowerment.    



by Annabel Joy Wyndham:

  • Financial Guroo™ - 44 Day Workshop © 2009
  • 4 Bodies Harmony™ – 1 day class © 2010
  • The Hearts Link® - Published audio box set on Mediumship and healing from loss © 2012
  • The Mystic Breathes™  - Series of 9 Soul Level Initiations © 2014
  • Freedom Initiation - 1 day class © 2015
  • FEAR - Conquer It!® - series of personal healing © 2005-2016
  • Divine Healing answered prayers – Published Guided Meditation CD © 2016
  • AHUA MANTAK a sacred drumming journey - Published Intrumental CD © 2017



                      “The intensity of this work cannot be underestimated! This initiation is like a beautiful oasis of healing and reverent connection                                 that needs to be deeply cherished.  Such a beautiful gift! Thank you Annabel!
  “Annabel, Just a note to tell you how much I love you and how much what you do has helped me beyond my dreams.”
                  "Thank you, thank you, thank you Annabel for your patience, for sharing your gifts with me, and showing me how to open myself                                 to the abundance of the universe."
"Annabel is a phenomenon. If you don't do anything else for yourself, ever....this investment in YOU is a must."  
                    "Annabel, It is truly remarkable how much difference working with you has made in my entire life. I am so grateful and for the first time in my life feel so connected to living and receiving." 
“My experience with you has been truly enlightening. Something I would have never found without being led to you. Thank you!”
            “Annabel, Thank you so much for your gifts. It has changed my life. I am stepping into my power and really starting to see things differently.                  I am so grateful for you.”