a live monthly series of 9 online classes                                                                                         created and taught by Spiritual Author, Annabel Joy Wyndham

This original series will include 9 synergistic teachings that provide insight on the next cycle of our spiritual evolution.  

CLASS #2 - CREATION                                                                                                                       Sunday April 15th                                                                                                                                7:00PM EST for approximately 2-3 hours                                                                                      6:00PM MST and 5:00PM PST                                          

$729. for all 9 classes - (includes a special savings of 10% for advance enrollment)                     Yes, I would like to REGISTER upfront for the Next Level Consciousness™ 9 class series            recordings will be available if you are unable to attend all dates

price includes all materials                                                                                                                    class venue may combine teleconference and video conference

CLASS DATES: Sunday March 18th, Sunday April 15th, Sunday May 6th, Sunday June 17th, Sunday July 15th, Sunday August 19th, Sunday September 9th, Sunday October 21st, and Sunday November 4th