REMEMBRANCE CANDLE to honor loved ones who have passed from the earth

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Remembrance Candles Logo.jpg

REMEMBRANCE CANDLE to honor loved ones who have passed from the earth


Designed by Annabel Joy Wyndham this sacred light is hand-crafted with special care and only the finest ingredients.

16 oz. - 100% natural kosher soy, cotton wick, quartz crystals, and 130+ hours of clean burning, with the scent of lily, heather, musk, blueberry, and ylang ylang.

The heart is soothed when souls unite from within, and the experience of oneness brings peace as it is gently remembered. The “Adoration Prayer” on the back, extends a request for union through love and honors the eternal life that is shared.


"Adoration Prayer" 

"With this sacred Light, I call to thee,

my pure Intention, is the golden key.

Through our hearts, Love eternally be,

as all creation is, meant for WE."

The "Adoration Prayer" was channeled by Annabel Joy Wyndham on April 4th, 2013. ©2013 All rights reserved.


The Hearts Link Remembrance Candle makes a lovely gift for you or someone who is suffering from the pain of loss.

Please follow safety precautions at all times when lighting and burning candles and refer to the care and warning label on the bottom of the container. Annabel Joy Wyndham and any of its representatives are not liable for any injury or damage that may result from the burning of its candles. 

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